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Using Open Cascade in C#.

Creative Cad Technology is specialized in CAD/CAM/CAE software development.

We offer advanced tools for the development of applications with OpenCascade technology for

.Net platform and web based applications.

In addition to  OpenCascade C# tools, we offer consultancy on OpenCascade technology and projects.

We have over 15 years of experience making CAD/CAM  tools and applications.



Advanced c # wrappers to opencascade.

A number of helper-libraries make it easy to use opencascade in c #.


Extension methods that allow to iterate directly over edges and faces, or other entities, of a TopoDS_shape.


foreach(TopoDS_Edge e in shape.Edges())

Direct access to the underlying geometry.

face.Surface () or edge.Curve ();

Dynamic casting makes to get the right type of geometry.
Example: Geom_Plane plane = face.Surface () as Geom_Plane;


Streaming to .net Stream.

Online demo:

Extension for Opencascade:

There a 6 assemblies for each occopencacade module:

  • CCT.OCDotNet.Foundation.dll

  • CCT.OCDotNet.ModelingData.dll

  • CCT.OCDotNet.ModelingAlgorithms.dll

  • CCT.OCDotNet.Visualization.dll

  • CCT.OCDotNet.ApplicationFramework.dll

  • CCT.OCDotNet.DataExchange.dll

No more hassle with header files, unresolved link errors, just a ref to the assemblies.

All the help doxygen in the c++ code is available in Visual studio.

If you are interested in development with open cascade on platform, download the demo application. 

C# Winform demo:

Help in VisualStudio:

Dynamic casting:

Dynamic casting



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